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Julius Caesar

Director: Jim Edmondson

Stage Manager: Violet Smith

Asst. Stage Manager: Victoria Esquibell

Lighting Designer: Lonnie Alcaraz

Costume Designer: Rebecca Bernstein

Sound Designer: Matt Tibbs

Scenic Designer: R. Eric Stone

Stage Management Supervisor: Dan Munson

This production was my first Mainstage Stage Management position at Great River! The cast of 18 was a mix between Equity, Non-Equity, and Youth Performers which meant that we tracked Equity hours, had internal understudies as well as understudies not in roles, and youth performer supervisors. Our main challenges included an intensive deck shift at intermission due to fake blood, our fight choreographer being our artistic director for the festival as well as directing another show, and tracking clean weapons throughout the show.


  • Haze

  • Strobe lights

  • LX / Sound / Fly / Deck Shift / Cue Light Calls

  • Cues Called Off Of Music 

  • 1.5 Liters of Fake Blood Each Show

  • Fight Choreography

  • Weapons

  • Youth Performers

  • Equity Actors

  • Non-Equity Actors

  • 18 Cast Members

  • Understudies 



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